Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Heaven and Hell

32x36 oil on wood. Here is a typical modern tract apartment in Monrovia. What makes it interesting is the night lighting from my reference photo at twilight. Lucky for me the cement wash has dramatic foreground elements in the dark. During the day you couldn't find a duller view. Lighting can so so much.
Ordinarily the area is off limits to the public, but the city had been doing work on the paved part and had left the gate open, so I serendipitously took advantage and rode my bike though and took some photos. The title derives from the contrast of the dark fence elements and the pretty sunset remnants of color.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

4 Rails

A 9x12 oil on linen board. A favorite spot just north west from the old Monrovia train station. It was a bit overcast so the light was a little dull.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Downtown 32 x 40 oil on wood. This one was done with the theme of the Emanate Domain show went well last night. I'm happy to say it sold at the opening bell. I was late so I missed some people, but did get to put some faces to some people I only knew though E- mails. Some collectors showed up and some old friends. I was concerned we didn't have enough time to get the word out for bigger crowds, but overall I was happy with the turn out. My paintings were arranged nicely in what felt like the perfect spot in the gallery and I got the kind of response from people was looking for.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blue Fence

Avenue 16 near the Glendale junction area below Chinatown. 32x48 oil on wood. I was walking this industrial area when I saw it's guy just about in this spot and luckily I didn't think, I just snapped a picture. He was about to do something in the street, but when he saw me, he hesitated and then he walked on behind the fence and coughed out a wad of phlegm and blew his nose with what I assumed was his fingers to the ground. Thank god for civility. He popped back out and then ducked back inside a nearby manufacturing business. It was a grayish day so I pushed the lighting and color for effect. I just delivered this painting and 5 other mostly big ones to MJ Higgins for our "Eminent Domain" group show on the 18th. I hope folks can make it down, I'll have over a dozen paintings there. beautifully framed and priced as reasonable as possible.

Here I am at the Wisteria Festival with Abe Lincoln who nicely agreed to pose and autograph a penny for me.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dusty Train

Train parked at the Monrovia train station 22x39 oil on wood. Tried to go simple and modern with this one. It will be featured in the Eminent Domain art show at M J Higgins, scroll down my blog for details. It will also be at the Wisteria Festival in Sierra Madre this Sunday behind restaurant Lozano.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On Ramp

Here is an on ramp that is right off of Riverside drive near the LA Zoo. For a year or two every time I drove by this spot I wanted to paint it. I finally pulled the trigger with J- Mac and my tiny class about two weeks ago. It's a shame people think it cool to honk at you in encouragement when they drive by. It just startles you out of your concentration and pisses you off. Oh well, I'm an old crab, soon I'll be deaf enough not to care. Thumbs up! Everything is a Super bowl party, even painting!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Night Colors

Another Nocten of the baseball field near me. This time from the City Yards Where they have what is called the Settling Ponds. Sierra Madre is lucky enough to have it's own water supply. The water comes down from the mountains and is captured in a series of ponds that drain down to the water table. Night Pond is a variation on this area.

I almost forgot to mention this group show I have a painting in in Laguna Beach this Saturday.

please click on the link to the Laguna Plein Air Painters----> Then click "The Best of Plein Air"

this painting will be there--

Here is the information for the first urban group show I'm in. I hope some locals can stop by.