Thursday, May 24, 2007

Equestrian Alley 2

oil on linen board 9x12

Painted this Alley over a year ago from the other direction in the morning. This time it was in the afternoon. Went with new panting pals James Martin and Eric Mc Lean-- both who's blogs are linked--->>> check then out.
and old students and friends Bill Moore and Richard Scott. Had some really nice light and the horse poop smell was very subtle. It's a popular spot in Burbank for painters as it's one of the last unpaved alleys around. I usually don't go this big with the PA's -- So it's not a little jem this time-- ;-)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Vineland Drive- In

Oil 8x10
Went out with old painting student and sometime assistant Bill Moore; see his link under my links for his painting. His helping me in the morning gave us the excuse to go out painting in the afternoon. This is out in the city of industry . I think drive in's survive in poorer areas by having four screens, they are also making a mini comeback as kids have no place to make out anymore. Knowing the light was going to get good and the shadows long later, I waited until the last to do the foreground along with deliberately making the background darker than it was when I started. You might call this a form of "Anticipating the Light" only recommended to the very confident painter.

Monday, May 14, 2007

oil 6x8 on linen board
Here's a tiny one from the Gold Paint out I kept for my self-- I had only an hour or so to crank it out including set up/break down time. It was after the storm with constant changing cloud light so I had to pick a moment and stick to it. Not always easy, but I kind of like the light effect on this one except for the wonky drawing.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


We've been back from the Gold country paint out for a few days, but I have trying to catch up on work so it's been hard to find time to reply to letters and post about the show. I still don't have copies of the paintings I did either, but will do a blog on the show when I get them.
The painting above is one of my around town backyard series I'm doing. 12x16 oil. This was photographed on a dull day during one of our bike rides, but I tried to overcome that flat light with an understated richness and variety of color. I tried taking my own advice on this one and changing colors from life that didn't translate well into a painting. Often we get locked into our reference or view and are to literal in our interpretations. I hope I "walked the walk" here.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Stockton Mud

Oil study 8x10 on linen

My baby, my bird and I are off to the Gold Country Paint Out in Senora (see details in the last blog post--) Here is a little study for a bigger painting I have yet to do for you to chew on while I'm gone. The Mud and tracks are not quite right, but in doing them wrong, I think I know know how to do them right for the bigger one. We shall see. Be good, create personally honest art, blog hard.