Thursday, May 24, 2007

Equestrian Alley 2

oil on linen board 9x12

Painted this Alley over a year ago from the other direction in the morning. This time it was in the afternoon. Went with new panting pals James Martin and Eric Mc Lean-- both who's blogs are linked--->>> check then out.
and old students and friends Bill Moore and Richard Scott. Had some really nice light and the horse poop smell was very subtle. It's a popular spot in Burbank for painters as it's one of the last unpaved alleys around. I usually don't go this big with the PA's -- So it's not a little jem this time-- ;-)


Blogger BoneDaddy said...

It took me forever to find the first one (you posted it in January). I love the dumpster, it really helps to add depth.

3:27 PM  
Blogger Tom Brown said...

Love your work. I recently stumbled across your blog again after a long absence and find it very refreshing, both for your painting style and choice of subject matter. Good work!
Tom Brown

8:26 PM  
Blogger Amy Stewart said...

Your work is wonderful. I live in Eureka, where scenes like this capture the essence of the town better than images of redwoods or boats bobbing on the water. Keep it up!

11:23 AM  
Blogger PleinEric said...

Turned out great! I had fun that day... It's funny that you mentioned we were painting next to the house of another plein air painter... his wife came out after you all left and I instantly recognized her as Suzie - the partner of former Disney painter Doug Ball! She said he was having a show just then in Hawaii... small world!

I'll post my alley painting when it dries...

11:49 AM  
Blogger Aaronphilby said...

frickin georgous

12:41 PM  
Blogger William K. Moore said...

Got a WPA feel for me.. how do you spell that? Drawing right on. Warm and cool balanced just right to induce that special gleam that used to come on.. after the tiny paper with mr natural on it.

1:05 PM  
Blogger Chris Ousley said...

Good one! James and Eric have some mighty fine work as well.

3:07 PM  
Blogger A Reason to Paint said...

Very nice, I like the composition with directional lines also tempting me to wander down the road

4:04 AM  
Blogger stephen erik schirle said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your landscapes are great, You've got a wonderful thing going with your color. I'll check back often.

2:30 PM  
Blogger drips of paint said...

Hey Bill

Do you remember me? Have not bum into you for a while, probably over a year or more yah.. Stumble across your blog the other night and thought "wow" your painting has gone up a level since I last saw you. Keep up the good work.

Saw your father's work too, I think they have simplicity in them that is very attractive. Great work. I hope his health is getting better.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Paintopolis said...

Another winner Mr. Wray!

8:02 AM  
Blogger william wray said...

thanks BG I was amped when I did it. just a few strokes...

7:42 PM  
Blogger william wray said...

thanks tom- We are I think driving down the same freeway!

8:02 PM  
Blogger Todd Bonita said...

Hey William,

I really like your brush work, it's right-on-the-money. It has an authority to it that I very much admire.

Well done my good man.
Be good,

7:12 AM  
Blogger sandy said...

I think every town has an alley that looks just like this. Great painting....sandy

9:25 AM  
Blogger william wray said...

Thaks Amy , I'm glad you "get It."

5:16 PM  
Blogger william wray said...

Hey Eric-- Yeah she tald me about her husband, but not that he wasn't home... ;-) smart move.

5:22 PM  
Blogger william wray said...

thanks A!

5:25 PM  
Blogger william wray said...

thaks WK Next Thursday!

5:25 PM  
Blogger william wray said...

thanks C- Yes they are good! Insperational.

5:26 PM  
Blogger william wray said...

thanks James,
My mind is always wondering down the road.

5:29 PM  

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