Friday, July 27, 2007

brochure and BOOK and beach

Heaven and Hell

A slight re-- working of an older painting. This is from riding next to a storm drain behind a series of faceless new condos in Arcadia. The bottom part is part of a closed of old bridge over the drain. At night even the ordinary condo can look interesting contrasted with something... interesting. ;-)

I should mention the printied cover is darker than this-- this is the ideal...

Book Cover

Just to freshen up this post is a little, this is study 6x8 of a beach comission I'm doing.

Getting this brochure printed up. It's for across the board promotion. A little nicer that a postcard or a business card. I'm using it to promote my one man Show Sept. 22 and my new book. Only two of the images are in the book as it was put together months ago. they will be in the next one though. ;-)

I did the Book with Alberto Ruiz it's the the format of all the other books on his site 48 pages full color, hard cover featuring the work you see right on this blog, see his link for other examples. this is jsut my urban work, no figures. I'm still debating a jacket for it, but if you can't wait you can order the book directly from me by check. It's $26 plus 3 bucks for media rate or six for for priority. California residents add $2.15. I'll be setting up a pay pal account one of these days too. I don't expect to sell out quickly, but there is only 1000 of them. My pal Justin reminded me you can pay me via pay pal using my e-

Just to let you all know how pay pal works when there isn't a direct buying link (like this situation.) You go to your own pay pal account, look under send money, you have a few choices on how to categorize the transaction and you put my E- mail address. Then I get paid.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chester and Green St.

This is the Corner of Chester and Green in Pasadena. Seems obvious this was a little gas station back in the day. I knew it as a Taco stand for many years. Now it's just been nicely painted over and is being used to sell a little Karmann Ghia. I assume the owners can't quite decide what to do with it. It's maintained, but not used. It's been like this so long it will be a shock if they sell the car. I love how it's all painted white and the whole scene feels "made" for a painting, no adjustments necessary.

oil on wood 15 &1/2 x 15 &1/2

Monday, July 16, 2007

Norwalk Palms

oil 12x16 on linen

In my quest to go simple and fast to stay loose and work within a limited time frame, here is a view of this empty road near the RR tracks off of Firestone near the 605. This is one of these odd industrial streets that isn't used much due to it's original function being subjected to ?. So you end up with a concrete wasteland of sorts. I do like wasted land like this it's the cities last "Open Space." I could also call this painting " 2's."

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shed, Long Beach

Oil on linen12x16.

On our weekend bike trip Sharon and I finally made it to Long Beach via the San Gabriel River Bike path. This little shed near some kind of valve main all by itself. That along with the light struck me as a nice subject. I finally found a hour to paint it. I'm still shaking off the rust...

Friday, July 06, 2007


Theater in Westwood Ca that is. A quick half hour on top of an old painting to keep my rusty hand in. I'm so slammed with commercial work this is all I could do reciently. First time with this subject, tough to be different with it... I was in a hurry, but was also trying to get back to painting looser.

Oil 6x8