Thursday, September 27, 2007

SLO PA Paint out and Cannon Ball

In the deep voice of that action movie trailer guy:

"In a world dominated by abstract art and the New York Art Mafia comes the story of a boy who wants to paint reality, outside, sanding in the mud, facing into the burning sun and brave biting flies like a man. His loyalty for his Russian master is put to the test when he is forced to choose between forbidden teenage love and the purity of learning to paint like a God of nature."

Here is a PA from the last paint out I was in.
This one was painted the train museum in Jamestown. This old train was used in TV shows like Petticoat Junction and movies like The Unforgiven. 8x10 oil on linen.

Come out and see and paint. Try and find me.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Old Garage, Monrovia and show

This alleyway in Monrovia I'd been by a few times, but the light was just right this day. The sagging old garage may have been a hay storage mini barn back in the day. Not many of these left around here... The original is 16x24, but this is a crop of the whole, as no matter how hard I tried I couldn't scan these one in two pieces that would match like I usually do. I will have to go to art works and have the whole painting professionally shot, but something new must go up...
I’ll post the whole version soon.

After the show was almost rained out, the skies parted at just in time for the opening. The show went so well last night I never had anytime to take any photos! I was either signing books, schmoozing or bouncing off the walls. I feel bad that I didn't get to spend much time with any one person, but good that it was so busy. Lots of old and new friends showed up, decent sales and as Laura the Gallery owner said: not the same old local gallery crowd, fresh blood. The down notes were a good friend got lost and couldn't find the show and we forget about the Jewish holiday so some friends / collectors couldn't make it. Check you calendar kids when making opening plans!

Check the Segil Fine art link to see an online version of the show.>>>>

Justin’s wife Natalie took the one of me and him Sharon and I took the rest the day after. Painter Buddy Ron Guthrie came thru with some crowd shots!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Red Train revised and Come to the Show!

Here is a painting some of you might recognize at first, but look closer as it's been heavily revised for my show on the 22nd. I was never happy with it when it went out (I considered it unfinished) and am glad it didn't go at the time. Now it will be in the front window of the show. I'll post both versions for your edification and if you want to read about the area it was from please look up the old post in the archives. 24x48 oil on wood.

Here is another revised painting LA River 8x10 oil on linen-- I don't know if it's any better than the old one, but I think is has more warmth and texture.

On another note: I've been a loser patron member of the California art club for some years now and haven't been able to get into President Peter Adam's inner circle Artist Member level. That qualifies you to be in art shows like the Gold Medal Show with the heavy hitters and pay larger dues. They have a membership cap on the artist level so only once every few years to the doors crack open for a few to scoot in.
To bad about the membership cap, there are quite a few really talented artists who should have been invited in years ago, but felt ignored so they gave up trying. A shame as I think the club is a little weaker for it. Some are even starting competing clubs because they feel left out. I'm glad I made it this time, I was ready to crack myself.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Long Beach

Oil on Wood 16x24

Without realizing it I've got a series going on Long Beach. Here is another pumper field with a bunch of Palm volunteers. I went really pushed on the color this time. It's sort of a nod to one of my Russian painting hero's Sergei Bongart. As many of you know he was known for his vibrant color palette and vigorous brush strokes. If you don't have his book by Mary Balcomb, I strongly recommend it. It's still amazing to me how big oil has kept Long Beach a "poor" beach town. Seems impossible these days to not have a beach town overdeveloped and filled with rich white people. My shows coming up fast on the 22nd I hope you can come.