Thursday, November 22, 2007

Studebaker Road, Long Beach

16x24 oil on wood

When we are headed to Long Beach on our bikes and are bored of taking the same old bike path along the San Gabriel River, we ride along Studebaker road. I envy the folks who live there because it's a really wide street, so wide in fact they have two sets of curbs that create extra streets on either side designed for extra parking and a street safe for kids to play. Of course there is plenty of room to park your recreational vehicle or trailer like this old Sunbeam. Coming home late from the beach the street light was throwing down light and shadow on Sunbeam in just the way that I found to be an appealing nocturne subject.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


12x16 oil om linen

This is a closed Cement loader that some old cars are parked in. I took the reference photo on one of our rides a while ago and don't remember exactly where it was... my guess is South El Monte. I liked the way the shadows created and interesting graphic shape. This one was fun to do I was tiring for a simple higher key painting and it came right out, no muss no fuss.

Friday, November 09, 2007


Oil on linen 11x14
Painted from a photo taken on the way home from SLO. Painted it the next day while it was still fresh in my mind.

Right down the road was a Mexican church that looked like a meth lab blew up behind it and a sliver of a trailer park next door that had so many high/ paranoid looking banger types giving me hard looks, my balls chipped back leaving a divot so this time around I skipped taking photos there. Here's a poem about it.

The Meth house blew up the church today,
It rained down bibles and bones,

A sad bloody day for Jesus in May,
Howls of frustration from old junkie Jones.

This church used to be a tiny old store,
The neighbors complain it's now an eyesore,
The mayor of Nipomo has fervently vowed,
By God he will see this church plowed!

I was in a hurry and wanted to take photo's inside, if I was just PA painting early in the moring, not problem. Some times folks don't like strangers with a camera and I didn't have time to make friends....

This little run down area will be gone any day now.