Saturday, August 23, 2008

Golden Open Acrylic Figure Studies

12x16 GO Acrylics on canvas board.

This model is a an attractive girl, but has a slightly large boxy nose and a small mouth, petite body. In this case the cartoonist in me came out and exaggerated those features. Nose bigger, mouth smaller. I almost reduced the nose, but like the drawing and didn't want to mess with it. I think I hurt the models feelings as she didn't comment on it like she was with everyone else's...

I see some hard edges (the main downside of Acrylic), but I'm basically happy with this despite that I was distracted in class by a new smaller room making the fellow students quirks more distracting. There is one guy who likes squeaky chairs, rummaging around his equipment, loud pallet knife work, talking to the model, directing the model. He does this over a four hour period just enough to make you crazy, but not enough to really be totally obvious. Next week I'll try an I- pod or a new place.

White Dress 9x12
One week the Model didn't show up and one one of the artists at the space modeled.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chinatown Saunter

oil 12x16
Here is one from a typical visit to one of my my framers ( framing house) on Broadway in Chinatown. Blowing out all the detail and simplifying the color to the point of silhouette. Turns out I have almost 10 paintingss up at the MJ Higgins group show. It's worth a visit!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Bus Stop, downtown and another show???

Yes another group show with much talent including my bra Tony Peters...

Go, I'm cutting way back shows in 2009.

It's at Martha Higgins--------->>>> Check the link------->>>>>

Oil on board with sanded modeling paste.
Downtown I think 5th St below main or so in the Toy district. A transvestite was waiting for a bus after a shopping spree. Shelooked happy until I photographed her, thus her head down. Since this is a small painting I didn't even try to do the detail that would give away her masculine side. That might be for a bigger painting. Sorry about the glare from the paste texture.