Saturday, November 22, 2008

Astro, Boy, Bakersfield Workshop and Sparrow

Bakersfield 12x16 oil on linen.

When I went to Bakersfield awhile ago to drop off my paintings for the show, I realized I had not done a panting that really reflected one of the main industry's so I did this the same night I got back and will hang it a half hour before the prieview starts.

Another for the Bake show. The Astro Motel in Fresno. Run down, but still going unlike a lot of the highway hotels that have gone under there. This faux future theme was popular back in the day when Aerospace was king in California. Sadly Fresno and aerospace have seen better days. Oil on linen 11x14

8x10 oil on linen
The day after my Bakersfield Museum show (Dec 11th) I'll be doing a one day workshop (Dec 12th) sponsored by the Bakersfield art association. Look under calendar for info... (cut and paste in browser)

Oh and a Ashy little bird told me the new Sparrow book will be out in December. Hope it makes it to the show...Bird toes crossed.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Burn off the 99 +more

Some little ones for the show

Pixky 6x8 oil on linen

99 View 6x8 oil on linen

Due to the economy I'm not doing a lot of big paintings for my Bakersfield museum show but this is an exception. It's 24 x 48 oil on wood. Since the show is entitled 99, I figured I needed at least one simple shot of it.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Wagons and forgot a demo

Off the 99 near Bakersfield is a tiny junkyard with mostly bleached out fifties and sixties cars. This is one a a series of paintings on The 99 for my Bakersfield Museum show in December.

Just a note of assurance that all's ready for my demonstration for
a demo Wednesday evening at 7:00pm, Nov.5th at
Rodgers Senior Center. Here's the full address in case you want to
Map Quest: 1706 Orange Ave., H. B., CA 92647.