Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here is a tiny so- so painting. A bit over- worked methinks. However, I need to feed the blog while waiting for other paintings to dry.
6x8 oil on linen

I've also posted a few stealthy snaps from the Brandywine museum. I don't know why you can't take pictures without a flash with an amateur camera. It's just silly. All real museums allow it, its all promotion.

Artist I love NC and Andrew Weyth

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goofy Girl and Hellsapoppin'

9x12 oil on linen top is the final pushed for contrast.

Here is a little nude that will hopefully be in a book of nudes Ashley Wood and I hope to do in the next year of so...

Wow! suddenly everything just crept up on me the trip to NY has me all out of wack. So many things!

The group show at Kroll/Roberts
Everything is converging.

I was just featured in the informed art collector. cut and paste:

I'm in the CAC Gold Metal show
See the link- CACa bit higher up------------------------->>>>>>>

and this little talk with a small group of paintings.

and under artist I like--- showing now!

Hurry and catch this luminous show at the Forum Gallery in NY. Steven Assael. I wasn't blown away by his work online, but in person... it's some pretty jaw dropping Rembrandt channeling.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

DRIVE SHE SAID/group show

oil 12x16

This is a quickie I did just before the NY trip to say goodbye to everyone but it didn't dry in time. On the way home from work I saw this aging punk rocker type woman with big pink hair in her old Lincoln or Caddy. The photo didn't show much as it was snapped as she zipped by and took a turn off.

NY was a blast. didn't get in to the Gallery I wanted, (didn't really expect too,) but I feel like my foot is in the door. Saw tons of great art, ate great food, saw old friends and missed some due to time constraints. I'm going to use the artist I like space to post a few pictures I snapped at various museums.

Do have to tell you who is who?