Friday, June 26, 2009

Zeppelin Over Burbank

Oil on Wood 38x22

When I was out painting Pa in Burbank recently to my wonderment a zeppelin went over the valley. It was Just before memorial day and they were giving rides from Long Beach. I took this as a good omen as I like zeppelins and was so happy I wasn't "adding" a local one to my picture. It was a real moment of wonderment for me, however the world-weary homeless guy I just photographed scoffed at my enthusiasm. "When you look up as much as I do you see everything." he said sagely. I'll add more to this blog post soon, I'm having some connective issues.

artists I like:
WU GUANZHONG his abstraction astonishes me

Saturday, June 20, 2009

More PA in Burbank/ Southwest Art

This is just half a block from the back of Nickelodeon. I'm trying for more stark views based simply on a strong composition. I'd hoped to post a new big painting but it's still at Artworks being shot. Next week. I'll post a favorite artist later today.

Got some watercolors from China. they inspired me to try one of my own 6x8 I'm rusty ,but it was fun.

I'm in the current issue Of Southwest Art please run down and buy copies and distribute them to collectors for me thanks!.

in progress:

artist I like Frank Tenney Johnson:


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another PA two weeks later from the same area as my last PA" Stock." Been trying to paint after work every Thursady at Sunset right by Nick. Usally painting pals Richard and Aaron are along.

Burbank Shed 8x10 oil on linen

Second one that I didn't finish before dark.

Stock Cart 5x7 oil on linen

Aaron at work

Richard does a lovely Watercolor

On the easel

A studio painting ( lay in) of the same area.

Artists I like: Edward Seago ( big influence)

Friday, June 05, 2009


24x32oil on wood

Haven't done a train painting in a while...

today's start

Artist I like

The Tkachev brothers I'm guessing one is better than the other as the body of there work is average or sometimes downright terrible while a small group is brilliant on the level of the top 5 Russian painters of all time. I don't know who did what or if they both went down hill due to fashion, laziness or age and liquor?