Friday, August 28, 2009

The Choice

When I was in Santa Monica awhile back I saw this guy cuffed near the off ramp of the SM freeway. I'm not sure what the discussion was but the cops really seemed like they were trying to convince him of something... He wasn't to to happy about any of it. I imagine the very public nature of the talk might have been a not so subtle form of pressure.
Oil on Wood 16x20

On another note, I keep being solicited to enter a contest called: Painting America. The kind of contest were they pick paintings like a old time fiddle player as the winning entry. I think I'll enter this one just for a hoot.

I posted some atypical Nikolai Fechin last week trying to hide it was him, this week no hiding. From a 2007 Russian book ISBN 9785342001052

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tire Sale

oil on wood 12x16

This is kind of a typical subject for me taken leaning through the window of my car on a photo safari in Alhambra and beyond. However there is something fundamentally different in this picture. See if you can guess.

A famous artist's lesser known images

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cargo Trailer

Oil 9x12
Here is a PA done weeks ago with pal Aaron in an industrial patch near San Fernando road and the 134. Local painter Frank Serrano showed up and honoring us with his presence and did a nice little painting. He one of the best local PA Teachers I recommend his classes. Tony Peters came by, too but was to lazy to bring his kit so he went out and got sunburned taking photos.

Aaron on left, Frank Right

I picked Frank Brangwyn this week as I see a correlation between last weeks subject and their working man themes and painting approaches, but have no way of proving that Brangwyn inspired Ivor Heel.

Friday, August 07, 2009

LA Greens

Study oil on linen 6x8

Oil 16x20 on wood

Something I rarely do is a larger version of a small one. The little one was done six months ago and while I kind of liked it I thought it wasn't quite right. Recently I lightened the sky and boom it came together in a way I liked. That to 3 minutes... I was so full of energy on it with no place to go, I decided to do a large version. When I was done I thought the sky was to green and worked purple into it and kind of killed it. Tony Peters was by and he commented the sky looked cool green so I went back and chopped it in a third time, I hope that was the charm. I'll post my artist I like soon.

Australian war artist Ivor Hele... Perhaps the greatest artist you have never heard of. Painting and drawings that are unparalleled the scope and power this side of the old masters.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Lake and Plam, Burbank. Group show

Here are two tiny 6x8 oils and quick PA's painted with buddy Aaron in Burbank a few weeks ago. When I set up for the second one (320 N. Lake) I was technically six feet onto the entrance way of the Burbank power department side entrance (after 5AM) After letting me get started the security guard moseyed over and asked me to move. About 6 to ten feet back onto the public sidewalk was what he wanted. The problem is I'm allergic to sun and don't like to paint in the direct sun on a hot day anyway. I asks him really nice if he could just look the other way for an hour and he just wouldn't do it. I painted the same basic view ( a bit cropped) across the street anyway, but was yet again annoyed by the old 9-11 excuse to hassle artists. I also despise when they still want to be your pal, these are just the "rules." I'd understand it I wanted into the plant itself that would just be silly of me to try. His sage advice informing me that if I write the company big shots and get permission a month ahead of time so I can stand 6 feet closer was so ludicrous I wish he wouldn't waste the both of our times with his bullshit to make himself feel like a good guy when he's just another asshole. Aaron snapped the moment. the show I mentioned last week was postponed.

I don't care for Photorealism, but do like some Realist painters who have good composition, color, feeling and editing skills like John Register, an artist that Tony Peters turned me onto.