Friday, September 25, 2009

Going Home and a fix

OIl on wood 12x16

Since I was a teen I admired the work Illustrator of Bernie Fuchs. Over the years I kind of took him for granted and went thru a period of judgmental attitude where I was very anti- photography put him off my radar. More recently people have mentioned that my work reminded them of him. Taking a second look I had to admit it seems that way, but it must have been unconscious. However, I do have a renewed admiration for his work. So when he passed recently I didn't take his work out and copy it, but using my own reference, I did this sort of tribute to him, thinking about him as I worked. Fuchs and Bob Peak were the last true titans of Illustration staying at the top of their game while the illustration business was dieing. During his later years he seemed to have found a home in the fine art world too.

BF: do a serch on him tons of great stuff on the internet.

I took this painting: Blimp over Burbank (posted a few months ago) to the framer for the up coming Newberry show and noticed a chip on it. I got it home fixed the chip and proceeded to work on it for another 2 hours doing enough adjusting to post it again. Guess it helped BOB is a finalist in the Ray mar competition.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Valley and Westmont/ In a group show

One of my "Retina Burners" from a drive in the industrial parts of Alhambra. Getting closer to the kind of realistic/ abstraction balance I'm looking for or so I feel today...

Oil on wood 16x24

A Group urban show---

At the Newberry Gallery

Oct 17, 2009 - Nov 21, 2009 all the info: check link ---->>>>

Lyonel Feininger


Friday, September 11, 2009


This one came off just a little bit to normal for me, but you can't hit a homerun every time and the blog must be fed. A Coffee shop on Colorado in Pasadena.
12x16 oil on wood

Got lazy and just picked out a grab bag of random artist scans I like

Friday, September 04, 2009

Bleached and Auto Art Auction

Look what the Met just cleaned up!

Since I like to paint old cars I decided to give a new venue a chance and did a painting specifically for an Auto Museum sale. My painting bleached was accepted it should stand out in a group of realistic paintings of tricked out old cars. If it interests you you might what to give them a call. I'm sure they would be happy to take a phone bids. More info below.
Bleached 12x16 oil on wood

When I discovered Trevor Chamberlain ( I believe Frank Serrano turned me on to him) it was a revelation. I recommend his how to books. His discovery lead me to Edward Seago who I like a drop more mainly do to the fact he was a generation earlier and more a an originator. You can see both Trevor and Edward Wesson where deeply influenced by Seago, but still great artists in there own right. I'll do Wesson in the future.