Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunland Ave Evening and a paint out

I love the corner of Sunland and San Fernando. So many paintings here so many angry crack whores flipping me and Arron off as we take pictures.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


When Tony and I went to NY we visited amazing artist Mike Manley in Philly. He and his pal Jamar took us around to the kind of areas I like subject wise. It was a in and out rainy day.
Don't know why it took me so long to do a painting for the referance, but here it is.
oil on Wood 16x20

Come see the show see info in lower post. Go the the Gallery site if you can't wait and a clik on buy it now to get a painting.

South Connector is one of the deluxe card sets available from Drawing Dreams Foundation, a charity for kids to promote art. It might not show it from the scan, but it's so a really good repro. I liked it enough to buy some myself. It's a very small print run that’s already half sold. You might want to order a set before they are gone... a good cause and a tax write off. Many other cool cards too. See the link under (links) or cut and paste:http://www.drawingdreams.org/Cards.html

Artists I like:
Raimonds Staprans

Friday, October 09, 2009

76 and the show next Saturday

My drive to work on a Grey day.

Oil on linen 9x12

California regionalist
Iconic painter Kenton Nelson in front of his portrait by Ray Turner.

the PMCA has one of there strongest combinations or artists showing right now. A big Wayne Thiebaud show, an amazing group of surprisingly modern woodcuts from the thirties by Frances Gerahert and finally Ray Turner's insightful portraits of all his friends in the upstairs gallery. Ray's known for his haunting landscapes that have a lingering influence for his mentor Richard Bunkall, but these portraits are distinctly his own.He has the show featured in a new book published by the PMAC Beautifully capturing every brushstroke thanks to the great photo eye of Blue over at Artworks. They have the book for sale and mine to! to go there and get your work shot professionally.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Red Cart

24x32 oil on wood
The unground parking at Target on Colorado in Pasadena has yielded three paintings for me. I spent a little time making this one a little more finished out as I was trying for a real subtle light effect. I gave the shopping cart a golden moment as a way to make a painting technique serve as a droll comentary.
Many contemporary modern artists don’t realize that painting skills give you more of an expressive artistic vocabulary. They have bought the lazy idea that good technique is somehow makes you a more limited artist… How did that idea take over the art world so completely? I'll do my favorite artist thing later.

See you there