Wednesday, November 30, 2005

 Segil Fine Art

 110 West Lime Ave
 Old Town Monrovia
 CA 91016


 1-6 pm




Please join us for a wine, hors d‚Äöoeuvres and dessert reception DEC 3rd 4- 8pm
featuring over 100 new works of art under 9x12, including ceramics, glass and sculpture.

Artists include:
Beth Rohman, Frank Serrano, W. Jason Situ, Joe Millazzo, F. Scott Garland, Gerane Mooney, Carole Cooke, Mark Farina, John Thongnoi, Beverly Squire, Kendra Page, Felice Hrovat, Nancy Shiershke, Frances Pampeyan, Terumi Paganini, Laura Wynne, Mitch Harmon, Walter Mc Nall, Vicki D. Thomas, Nancy Doyle, Keewon Hong, Milly Tsai, Joseph Stoddard, Michael Alten, Ray Harris, Beth Summers, Mary M. Baker, Jeff Skelly, Kat Sawyer, Julie Snyder, Steve Lopez, Norma Alonzo, Alfred Tse, Gregg Ross, Lynne McDaniel, Diane R. Isaacs, Brenda Swenson, Bill Wray, Ginny Liskow, Linda Brown, Alan Garber, Even Chambers, Richard A. Myer, Bruce Trentham, Jamie Ennen, Lynne Fearman, Catherine Hill, Trish Kertes, Claudia Michelle Betty, Jennifer McChristian, Ron Chesley, Yi Sun Wei, Erin Rosen

Bring Your Holiday Cheer,
Spirit and your Christmas List!

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Segil Fine Art
110 West Lime Ave
Monrovia, CA 91016

Riverside paint- out

I did these on the first day of the Riverside paint- out. While everyone was painting the lovely court yards and churches on Mission Inn avenue, I went off on the side streets and painted a view of a pawn shop parking lot and the back of the Riverside museum. I placed second in the contest . I'll post the paiting when I get it back.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


My biggest Plein air yet! 9 x12 not very big, but I usually do 8 x 10. This is a view in Sierra Madre looking down a street called Grandview. You can't see it, but my house is behind the trees in the top far left. I wanted to see if I could do a Ken Auster type painting. At sunset, light was a dull cloudy warm and then gone after 20 minutes. Ordinarily the sun would be right in my eyes from this view.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Monrovia Morning

6x8 Plein air study and 16x20 studio painting referring to the study and a photo.

The study is a little rushed as a cop came by and asked me to move. I talked him into letting me stay a little longer to finish, but my concentration was broken. Notice the perspective off on the big tanks. I didn't see that until I got home. When I did the studio I tried to push the cool morning mood. I think the plien air study is better despite all the work on the big one.

Friday, November 25, 2005

LA River

They should leave the LA river as it is. I don't see the need for using taxes to build parks that chase the animals away that are reclaiming it already. Let nature take it back, not man. Here is a painting down in the river just below the Levitz one from my last post.
Painting Diary

Love it at Levitz
The parking lot that is. 8x10 oil late. Sun when away in 15 minutes and I finished in the dark in about an hour. It was my second painting of the day this time alone after painting in the morning with my new painting buddys J. Mc C. and Robert Van Gough. Robert is now my first student and is coming along well. We painted at the LA River in the morning I'll post that next.