Thursday, November 30, 2006

UP Puller

Here is a painting done for the SLO show, but it sold before I could send it to them so I don't know if it will even be in the show. 24x36 oil on Wood don't forget the shows I'm in...
on December second at the Segil gallery-->> See link on right
and Dec 9th see link for the Just Looking Gallery on the right column.------------->>>>>>

A special shout out and swish of the brush to Mark for mentioning me on Boing Boing.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Oddballs

Here is an oddball assortment of little paintings that are based on reality in someway, but are mostly from my head as I got a bit fanciful with them. Just some silly experimenting. Pink Barn is 6x8. Flatbed Abstraction is 8x10 and New Wall is 6x8 all in oil on linen panel. You decide which is which.

And watch for my Christmas Special about Santa's least hung Elf: " Little Oddballs" On Showtime.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Show at my New Gallery

I didn't think I'd be in another bigger show this year, but I didn't know I'd be picked up by a new gallery. They have about 15 paintings, several have sold already before the show has even opened so that's a good sign. This is a dummy for an ad that will be in South West Art soon. The show is December 9th in SLO. Hope you can make it. There will also be a small paintings Christmas show at Segil fine art on December 2nd. See links for more info----------------------->>>>>>>>>>>

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Westfield Mall Roof ( San Diego)

In my ever widening net of subjects to paint that appeal to nobody, here is a stairwell on the roof of the San Diego Westfield mall. I tried to make it feel a little like an old Frank Tenny Johnson western Pueblo at night just to see if I could make the most boring thing in the world charming in someway. Oil 9x12 on linen.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Pabco Paper

Oil 9x12
This is in the big scale industrial area of LA called Vernon, the paper mill is over a hundred years old . I almost dropped to my knees in wonder when I found it in the morning. This this is the oldest and most spectacular factory I've ever painted. I was set to meet painting pals J- Mac and now ex- student William Moore that afternoon, and I almost didn't take them there. I liked it so much a wave of selfishness washed over me, I wanted to keep it to myself. On the other hand I had to share it with them, how couldn't I?
I did 80% of it PA and the sun was gone. Just finished it in the studio.

Monday, November 13, 2006

San Diego Caboose

More San Diego. Tony and I were walking along taking pictures of the shipbuilding areas were we were chased off be a series of security guards, most nice enough, but they had to do their "duty." One was nice enough to invite us to the ship christening in December then we could take pictures...
When we hit the train yard we got a guy finally "caught" us, but he turned of to be nice, and understood we were not a threat and let us walk along as long as we didn't walk on the tracks. I wanted to a one point, but decided not to violate my promise even though he probably wouldn't have seen us at that point. This little caboose was off by itself. I knew I had a subject.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Night Puller and a show

9x12 oil Another variation on LA Trains at night. I almost abandoned this one after a bad start but came back to it later and think I pulled the puller off. I'm also in a group show with a bunch of paintings at MJ Higgins on Saturday November 18th see link to right_______________--------------_______________>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Contact me directly about the secret party afterwards.

And here is another train because I like you.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

San Diego Trip

oil 8x10

Oil 8x10

oil 6x8

Spent a few Days painting with my old young friend Tony Peters. This was the first time I painted an Aircraft Carrier or did a building under construction. Two themes I want to visit more. We went to the San Diego Museum and say some nice paintings from and eclectic show featuring highlights from different art collectors collections. Not a mind blower, but worth seeing if your down there. The highlight for me was seeing the Fechin in the permanent collection, I'd never seen one in person before.
Got a get great photo of a bum taking a whores bath in the park bathroom, soon to be a painting when I get the courage.

Another highlight was going to Tony and Aaron Wiesenfeld's gallery Timmons and seeing their show, then getting to look through the Dan Mc Caw's in the back. WOW!

Just wanted to remind anyone who was consider taking my workshop to sign up information is under the Workshop link under "events" on the site. It's the 19th sign up so I won't be embarrassed, even if you a cartoonist what I teach is applicable to any art subject. So you can recognize me in class I had some professional photos taken in collaboration with Segil Gallery by David McCullough. We had some fun. The tool hanging between my legs is my belt sander, used for removing paint off of failed paintings and having sex with Mike Hoffman.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Garbage Truck

Oil 12x16 Another in the Peck road area. Tried to make a dirty subject pretty. I was down in San Diego for a few days painting with my buddy Tony Peters trying to get some images together for a book coming out about painters painting scenes in San Diego. While I was gone my secret cartoon Blog got outed on Cartoon Brew and Mike Hoffman said some nice things about me on his site. I kid, but I think Mike doesn't really mean what he said, it's all a cosmic joke to be controversial. I wish he would be fair and review my newest paintings, he slyly picked the oldest and weakest, but that's Mikes' style, it's not about being fair, it's evisceration for the sake of hiding his own painfully embarrassing addiction to Frazetta butt crack. I asked for it, I dared to publicly hope for his addiction to end, but it's going to take a big intervention and nobody cares enough to do anything but laugh at him. That's what I get for trying to help a madman.