Monday, February 26, 2007

Sierra Madre Carport 2

oil on wood 18x24

Here is another take on a Sierra Madre Carport. This is literal taking twenty steps forward (on another day) from the last Carport painting I did. I spent a little more time on the drawing on this one as the perspective and cars were pretty tricky. Consequently, I got a little more careful with the painting application. Its a bit tighter for me than most of my work lately, but it still like the feel of it. (Any roughness is from the surface gesso strokes) I tried to get the coating of dust on the trunk of the T- bird, I don't know it it comes off on the scan (or in person), but it was one of the big reasons it painted the scene. Odd what makes us inspired to do what we do...

I just found out that the Pinney House painting below won first palce in the show!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Creative Arts art show

Here is a painting for a Sierra Madre group art show:
come by on March 2nd if you can.
this is the Pinney House:

I've been meaning to paint this old victorian house for some time.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stockton Sunset and Mooky

Oil on Wood 16x24
This painting is from my trip to Stockton with Tony Peters. I extrapolated so much on the sky I'd have to say it's out my head more than reference. I was inspired by see the Constable show at the Huntington and a some Turner books I bought there.

All so posted is a charcoal sketch of our Parrot Mooky jazzed up with Photoshop for Sharon's new little site about him: Mooky's Hood.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

City Hall

City Hall 18x24 Oil on wood

Continuing with this Broken Color/ Urban Impressionism studies. Here is a downtown shot of Los Angles City Hall. I'm happy enough with this one so I entered it in the Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art Salon International.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


18x24 oil on wood

This is in that same industrial area East of Chinatown and West of the LA River I'm fond of painting in. The location is really irrelevant this time as I made little attempt to identify this with any realistic light of the area and cropping the camera so tight It's hard to get a sense of where you are. I liked the shape of the building and the bright light hitting it. This one was an exercise in my version of "Broken Color" Impressionism. So this is about complementary colors, shape and little brushstrokes. I going to enter this in an Impressionism contest just to get rejected.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Once and awhile Sharon and I like to go gambling at Morongo Casino in Cabazon. I play poker and she plays blackjack, we both limit ourselves to $100. I got played out early that afternoon so I walked across the way to a giant cement plant and the night guard was friendly and let me takes some night photo's. It was to dark so I didn't take very may good one's and have yet to do a painting from one of them.
When I was walking back to the casino I took a few shots of the Morongo gas station and ended up liking one shot enough to do this painting. I always wanted to do a gas station painting since I saw Ed Ruscha's gas station painting in a museum show when I was a child.

He was one of the few modern artists I liked as a kid because I could understand his images and his sense of humor. I took 35 years to do my gas station, better late than never.