Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Williams Buffet

Golden Open Acrlics on Wood 24x19

Just picked up the photos of the latest paintings I'm so happy with these I'm putting one up early. Recently I was laid off of the Mighty B at Nickelodeon and while not having a job in a weak comedy of an economy is nerve racking I have been selling paintings and even better I have the time to paint paintings. With new energy to work and daily focus I haven't had in quite awhile. Painting everyday is truly the only way to get better. This image was of a Gas Station/ Buffet in the Town of Williams off the 40 on the way back from Arizona. Near by the have the grand Canyon railroad parked, but I didn't get much of a chance to look around.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got out the other morning with pal Rich to do a little PA near the LA river. They had moved where they park the engines due to bridge construction so we wasted a bit of time looking and started late. Did a quickie little train painting I "settled" on. Nothing amazing, I made up the sky to sexy it up. Taking in three pretty big Acrylics I've just finished to be shot. Pretty happy about them, have a new respect for acrylics... Perhaps one will be ready by next Friday.

Oil on linen 8x10

Rich mixes some watercolors...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Figure

12x9 Golden Open Acrylic on wood

I'm working on a lot of big paintings and a small hasn't dried yet. So here is a model study from last night done in Golden Open acrylic. Only my second shot with them on a figure, but I've been using them for landscapes again recently and am feeling more and more comfortable with them. My real issue with this one was the model; a sweet girl, but nodded off repeatedly for the first 3 hours causing my drawing to be off more that I'd like. On the forth hour she came back to life from her naps and told us stories about the remarkable life of being born in a biker bar, her father tying off her umbilical cord with his teeth whlie beating a guy to death. She’s proud of escaping her near Arkansas household appliances in the front yard fate; she's very relieved to have made it the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle. Her current goal is to get stoned and see that new end of the world movie, she hopes it will traumatize her a little as she’s bored not dodging bullets and having meth labs blowing up all around her.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Fair Girl

A young girl I saw at the LA county fair. I think she was ready to go home.

A Jerome contest painting... this was done on the day it snowed, but in the morning when it wasn't so bad, a bit of show a bit of sun. It was the afternoon that was the killer.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


John McCain Says he lives in Sedona, but he really lives in Cornville a little hick town outside of Sedona Az. come back and visit as I'm going to post more on the contest I was in later.
oil on linen 8x10

Snowing in JeromeGold King Mine and Ghost Town... As cold as it looks.

You can see why I'd like this place...

Trying to hide from cold under a porch roof. Didn't work. I made a frozen cake frosting painting.

Josh Been and Bill Cramer cursing the weather Gods.

All the artists.

With Scott Prior who won the best of show. Awarded by Scott Jennings who did his best to pretend I didn't exist by handing out 4 extra unscheduled merit awards that I didn't qualify for apparently.

Monday, November 02, 2009


Oil on Wood 16x24

I'll do an update on the show next week when paint dries and I get some time. This is the corner of Sunland and SF again. Buddy Aaron fortuitously "posed" for the figure. We were walking along and he got ahead while I was camera fiddling. When I looked up he was in the perfect spot for a figure, so I told him freeze and he did. His pose was a little weirdly tiled so I tilted it more in the painting to add to the attraction of the Mc Donald's sign compelling him to go eat... no time for the other artist thing this week.