Monday, December 28, 2009

Dump Truck

Another painting from the old mine/ truck museum in Jerome Arizona. Not sure if it has enough background context around it to give it the massive size it is.
Oil on wood 18x26


Here is a painting by Jason Seiler I had commissioned for Christmas. Sharon and I are thrilled with it. He did a seamless blend of caricature and Old Dutch master painting. The best part is looks just like him, a feat since all birds look alike. Have a look at his bolg he’s amazingly talented, the link is about 19 links down in my link column to the right.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Urban Fabric

Oil on Wood 24x32

This is about as modern as I get subject wise… a view of Los angles highlighting the big new phallic Ritz – Carlton hotel that dominates this view of Los Angles looking out south to the ocean.

Also I'd like to announce I've got a new gallery in Sedona Arizona. Windrush Gallery has a history of a pretty conservative subject matter of the old west, but new management wants to try and get a little more eclectic and has brought me aboard. They are near the top of my links on the right. Sedona is Spectacular Red Rock County well worth a visit. Please say hi to John for me if you stop by.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Slate Grey

A train Engine in Williams Az where they keep the Grand Canyon Railroad. This doesn’t look much like the reference as I extrapolated by simplifying everything. Going for that Russian vigor I like so much.

12x16 oil on linen panel

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bombay Beach 2

Golden open Acrylic on wood 22x48

Here is another Salton Sea painting, but if you want to find out about real art, visit my Art Rant blog--->> See my links about ten links down.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Sunland Nights

here is yet another painting from Sunland and San Fernando blvd.
12x16 oil on wood

Just got back from a workshop with Carolyn Anderson feeing happily more confident with where I what to go with the figure. I consider her the only artist today who is influenced by Nicolai Fechen in strong yet subtle way. She extrapolates from him with her own style balanced with many classic influences. Unlike a certain famous Fechen copyist who needs to still develop his own style. The culmination of the workshop was going to the San Diego museum of art and seeing 5 Fechin's on display including portrait of miss Sapoinikoff below.
It's a crime the museum doesn't have a poster of this huge masterpiece, It's never been well photographed and they are refuse to let pictures be taken of it despite the fact it's in their permanent collection. I strongly recommend you go see it before they put it away again--they don't know what they have. I'll post some workshop stuff when the paint dries.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bombay Beach

Golden open Acrylic on wood 32x24

Bombay Beach on the far side of the Slaton Sea. The Slaton Sea has seen better days and Bombay beach looks like it’s bombed out namesake in places, neat and tidy in others. Kind of a well kept trailer bone yard. The phrase 'sun bleached" must have been invented here. No pure color anywhere.
From the burned out lots that pepper the place, I'm quite sure some hedonistic meth- fueled goings-on takes place when the sun goes down ... I’ll have to comeback when the zombies are out.
This little trailer I'm convinced was 'dressed' for a set in a movie, the scene was a perfect composition with lots of room to move a camera around the perimeter and a million foot prints, but I can't prove it.

I'm off to a secret painting workshop with one of the best painters alive, so I won't be replying until I return, but I will reply.