Sunday, June 29, 2008

Candy House and Hotel Room 1970

I thought this one got a bit on sweet Thomas Kincaid side with the pink and baby blue skies, but others tell me it still has just enough of a creepy tone to pass into the dirty world. This was another attempt to find something interesting in the ordinary front porches in my neighborhood.
12x16 oil on Wood

In my continuing attempt in trying to find myself figuratively I found an old photo of a model preparing for a typical men's magazine photo spread. These non- posed photo are really hard to find as the photographer had to pose everything in such a pushed phony manner to appeal to readers and editors. I can't work from those typical coy poses as they are to "pin up" for me.

8x10 oil on linen

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Back Alleyway, Chinatown and my back porch

In Los Angeles off Broadway behind the Chinatown shops near the 110 are some narrow alleyways. So narrow you might call them passageways. An old Chinese man and his wife were going upstairs as I was taking photos I think they were uncomfortable with me there, but anything for art...
I didn’t like the painting first time thru going by my reference, so I put that aside and simplified, changing any strong colors to muted complements and edited out a ton of details including much in the background and details on the figure. I had just gotten the NC Weyth Catalogue Raisonne which I’m sure was an unconscious influence for mood.

"Back Porch" 8x10 oil on linen

I'm going to try to occasionally sell a painting in my e- bay store that doesn't quite fit into my current art shows. This being a little nocturne of my back porch. With shows at the Segil fine art Gallery about "abandoned" places and a show At Martha Higgins fine art about urban cityscapes, this little painting will have to be on it's own. 8x10 oil on linen applied to wood.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Show, a Tank & Life figure studies

yes a show with Tim Horn

At Segil Fine Art------------------>>>>>>>>>> see the link at the top of the links, 4th down.

12x16 oil on wood

There is a little Military vehicle Museum on Rosemead just before Whittier Narrows park. Tanks for looking.

12x16 oil
Friend Richard and I have been painting in an uninstructed long pose class at 3 Kicks Fine Art Studio in Pasadena on Thursday Evenings. Great space and vibe, they have some good workshops there too. Not happy with my class figures yet, but am feeling less hateful about them. Here are a few that I didn't paint over. At first I didn't dig the Wicked Snow Queen outfit, but the model pulled it off and the transparent elements were an interesting problem to try and solve. The legendary (Armenian Tom Cruse) Dan Panosian stopped in last week and did some cool drawings and made a big impression on the model as he does with all the ladies. Sorry aboput the glare on the paintings, they have all been painted over many times thus are as rough as Bill Murry's face.

6x8 oil

9x12 oil

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

$3 parking

Oil on canvas board 12x16
Searching for interesting subjects for and upcoming show with a basic downtown Los Anegles theme, I found this interesting composition. This is a parking lot of the Blackstone building on 901 S. Broadway. What I like about it is every element in the picture is framing or pointing to the center of attention of the little taco stand and parking lot signs. There even happened to be a figure coming into the light for more interest. For those reasons I used this for a recent demo where I painted 90% of it finishing the other 10% at home.

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