Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forum Alley

Forum Alley

Oil on Wood 32x24

This in and older painting of the back alley of the Forum art Gallery I painted several years ago. I was always surprised it didn't sell as it came very close so many times. I finally took it back from the gallery as MJ HIggins is closing and decided I wanted to fix part of it. Before I knew it I repainted 80 % of it. It was a little scary as I rarely change a
"pretty good" painting for fear of ruining it... As I have done. I hope not in this case.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fire! and Fire 2!

Jaurez Cannons oil 16x20

Here is a little painting done to add to my "western" theamed paintings I'm slowly putting together.

9x12 oil on Linen

Yes Sparrow and Swallow are out head down to and buy one. Come by there on February 28, 2009 4:00PM - 7:00PM an I'll sign them. Swallow has a great line up of artists including Dave Cooper, Al Columbia , John Watkiss and Tim Biscup
The book came out great... thank you Ashley Wood and IDW with a nod to Robbie!

passing of a great---

He painted so many images of death and lived so long...It took me a long time to really get his work--There may have been a certain amount of resentment of his fame and conversly his Dad's obscurity. As a youngster in the seventies I didn’t know Andrew was out of fashion. He seemed huge to me. I was to shallow to see into a portrait to feel the inner power. I’d just see a tight painting of a farmer. His Dads stuff went right to the heart of adventure for me as I was raised on his book illustrations. I think I also resented the fact AW was about the only representational artist ( that seemed to me) acceptable to the crappy modern art world. Why just him I thought? He’s not so freaking great... I was wrong... Callow youth
I had to read about him to feel the depth of observation under his surface approach. His Dad was such a titan whose paintings are so very full of bravura acting and colorful energy it was hard to like the son’s quiet work. Seeing Andrew Weyth’s art in person also helped, I learned to like his quite scrutiny of the world around him. His Dad created worlds, AW recorded them. Both were valid and I can’t think two generations of artists who were so equally important in the history of art.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A lesson From Ray Roberts

My class study with some small Ray touch ups...

A few weeks back my buddies Richard Scott, Mark Pacella and I had the good fortune to get a private lesson with Ray Roberts . We met at his new Gallery- 305 N Coast Highway Suite F, Laguna Beach, CA
(2 doors north of Laguna Art Museum)(949)715-4345 See my Ray Roberts link to the left. Ray's teaching out of there and he's one of the best teachers you can find.

After drooling over his and his Wife Peggy's lovely paintings, full of inspiration we marched down to Heisler Park overlooking the water. It was a cold day in Laguna with flat light, but Ray confidently said it was the perfect kind of conditions to paint water. Here are a few shots of me and Mark watching Ray's demo progress.

Here is a oil I bought from Ray at his last show...

and a lovely water color

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Downtown Shadows

12x9 oil on linen

A simple downtown shot done for graphic shape and abstraction. I had all the windows painted in and the painting was boring... I lost the windows it turned into art.